Guillermo Vicandi

CEO, Bnext

Guillermo Vicandi

Speaker Bio

Guillermo holds a B.A. in Management as well as a LLB from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

(Spain), one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. Moreover, he spent a year abroad studying at

the Université Paris Dauphine (France) and holds a Master in Corporate Finance

Throughout his professional career, he has worked at BBVA and ING as a corporate analyst and in

investment banking. In addition, he has wide experience working at various law firms, specializing in

arbitration and trade law.

He participated several times in the international sessions of the Model of the European Parliament


Since 2013, he has been participating as mentor at Okurri Ventures and Tetuan Valley.In addition,

Business Insider has included Guillermo in the list of the most influential entrepreneurs under 35 in the

startup world.