Francesc Xavier Arrufat Nebot

Psychiatrist and Director, Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata

Francesc Xavier Arrufat Nebot

Speaker Bio

Psychiatrist, PhD from University of Barcelona. Director of the University Hospital Institut Pere Mata and associated professor at Rovira i Virgili University. Since April 2021, Dr. Arrufat is also Board Director of Mental Health Cluster Catalonia.

He has conducted research on genetic basis of schizophrenia, traumatic experiences related to the aetiology and development of psychosis, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, prevalence of mental illness in intellectual disability, the role of occupational therapy in the treatment of depression, influence the insight in the quality of life of obsessive-compulsive disorder, application of psychological autopsy in suicide deaths and the role of stress and psychological factors in the development of multiple sclerosis.

He has worked in the design of a suicide prevention program and participated in the development of clinical practice guidelines (eating disorders, electroconvulsive therapy) for the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish National Health System.