Fran Chuan

Cofounder and President, InnoQuotient

Fran Chuan

Speaker Bio

Writer, Keynote Speaker, Expert in Culture of Innovation, Leadership and Transformation.

Innovation board trusted advisor to multiple companies in three continents.

Collaborator of ESADE, IESE, PAD and BABSON.

Together with Professor Jay Rao (Babson College) cofounder of InnoQuotient, the On-line platform (+550 companies and 116k respondents) that enables companies to diagnose and benchmark quantitatively their Culture of Innovation performance.

He has over 35 years of experience in local and international firms, leading high-performance teams.

Co-author of "Innovation 2.0"\u200b, and "The Discipline & Culture of Innovation" with Prof. Jay Rao

Author “Autenticidad”.

Passionate sailor, eager to learn and share his knowledge.