Félix Ortega

CEO, Barcelona Activa

Félix Ortega

Speaker Bio

Félix Ortega is the CEO of Barcelona Activa, the local development agency of Barcelona City Council responsible for boosting the local economy through the creation of start-ups, the promotion of talent, the fostering of quality employment and the training of the citizenship and productive sectors. Ortega has extensive experience in the public sector, having held positions such as Manager of Enterprise, Culture and Innovation of Barcelona City Council, or Director of Economic Promotion for El Prat de Llobregat City Council.

During his professional career he has also had experience as an entrepreneur, as founder and CEO of Redclash Strategic Networks, a start-up focused on improving the management of artists and creative organizations, and previously as an editor of musical press.

He has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and an MBA in the management of audiovisual enterprises from Ramon Llull University. For more than a decade he also dedicated himself to the Communication sector, either from a legal perspective or in terms of management, holding the position of manager of the Local Audiovisual Network, and media such as La Malla.net and COM Ràdio.