Felix Gregory Chang Calvache

Vice Minister of Information Technologies and Communication, Ecuador

Felix Gregory Chang Calvache

Speaker Bio

Master in Business Administration (MBA) specialized in International Business and Information Systems, with high experience in project management and advisory in information technologies, finances, commerce and regulations in the public and private sectors.

His experience includes the development of Information technologies and Communication to promote the digital transformation and the continual improvement of the public services; also he has experience and knowledge in: digital government, data management, smart cities, infrastructure,  promotion and commercialization of products and services, investment attracting, execution of audits for compliance with regulations, design and implementation of programs, market regulation policies, risk analysis, preparation of strategic plans, evaluation and budget planning, training projects and business structures.

His objective will be to guarantee the deployment of National infrastructure and Information Technologies and Communication, in order to increase the levels of connectivity and access to tele-education, telemedicine, internet of things (IoT), electronic commerce, etc.