Fei Ni

SVP, ZTE Corporation

Fei Ni

Speaker Bio

Mr. Ni Fei joined ZTE in 2001. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, President of ZTE Mobile Devices, in charge of ZTE's global mobile device business, and President of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. 




Mr. Ni has extensive experience in mobile device business development in the Chinese consumer market and overseas markets. Dedicated to advancing quality improvement and technological innovations of mobile devices, he has taken the lead in creating China's ¬rst full Netcom mobile phone (Nubia Z5), and designing the industry's ¬rst bezel-less smartphone (Nubia Z9) and bezel-less full-screen smartphone (Nubia Z17S). In 2018, he achieved a great success in the market of gaming mobile phones with the launch of Red Magic. 




In June 2020, Mr. Ni was appointed as President of ZTE Mobile Devices. He proposed the "1+2+N" strategy for building an ecosystem that integrates all intelligent scenarios. Mr. Ni has been committed to the uni¬ed management of the brands of ZTE, Nubia, and Red Magic to fully expand into the global consumer market and enhance channel development. From 2021 to 2022, ZTE’s mobile internet terminal products has been developing rapidly, bringing the MBB & FWA market share ranking the first in the word.




In 2022, Mr. Ni continued using mobile imaging and display innovation as two engines, giving the flagship mobile phone ZTE Axon 40 Ultra equipped with the world's leading 3rd generation flawless full-screen and trinity photography to strengthen the dominant position of ZTE in under-display camera area. In the same year, Nubia invested in professional imaging and launched Nubia Z40 and Z50 series products with exclusively customized 35mm optical system.