Evgeniya Ponomareva

Automotive Business Development Manager, Kaspersky

Evgeniya Ponomareva

Speaker Bio

Evgeniya Ponomareva has been in IT for 14 years, working in leading Russian and international companies. More than 10 years of these she has been working with the problems of building IT systems in the transport sector. Among the largest projects Evgeniya participated in is ERA-GLONASS.

Today, at Kaspersky, she is responsible for promoting KasperskyOS-based solutions for vehicles. One of the main directions is the development of the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform. With this solution, you can create secure applications for car electronic components (including drones).

Evgenia also studies innovative developments for transport and the public sector, including intelligent transport systems, navigation technologies, Smart Car, Digital Railway and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, transport security and the Safe City hardware and software complex.