Eva Hedfors

VP, Head of Marketing and Communications, Ericsson Digital Services

Eva Hedfors

Speaker Bio

Eva Hedfors is Head of Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Digital Services, leading a global team of marketing and communication professionals, responsible for some of the most dynamic and innovative areas in the company’s portfolio - including cloud native 5G Core, Orchestration and Digital Monetization systems.  Ms. Hedfors took up the Stockholm-based role in July 2016, overseeing the global portfolio marketing strategy, thought leadership positioning, campaigns, and company-wide & external communications. Known for her strong business acumen and ability to plan and execute strategic global campaigns – she has over two decades of experience in various senior Group positions at Ericsson.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Hedfors was Head of Sales Practice Core and Cloud in Ericsson Region North East Asia from 2012-July 2016. Based in Tokyo, her customer-engagement remit centered on the Cloud transformation, Communication Services Evolution and Internet of Things business & technology challenges facing Ericsson customers in countries with reputations for embracing new technologies: Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

Working at the core of the 5G evolution, Ms. Hedfors is passionate about driving value and new revenue streams for the IT & Telecommunication service industries, helping her customers to build and orchestrate smarter networks, leveraging new cloud technology and software solutions to grow revenue and stay ahead.

Additionally, Ms. Hedfors is an ardent supporter of Ericsson’s Technology for Good initiative - which leverages internal expertise in new technologies, solutions, and advocacy to make life better around the world.

A native of Stockholm, Ms. Hedfors holds a master’s degree from Gothenburg University’s School of Economics and Commercial Law.