Eva Gaspar

CEO, Abylight

Eva Gaspar

Speaker Bio

IP&IT lawyer, Video Game Business Consultant, University Teacher & International Speaker.

In 1999 began her professional career in the video game industry where she climbed up the ladder from entry level administrative to CEO and President of the Board of Abylight Studios, a video game developer and publisher based in Barcelona and grounded in 2004.

In 2013 founded and currently leads GDConsult.es, a consultancy agency for creative and digital Spanish entrepreneurs and companies.

In 2014 co-founded and Presided P.A.D., the largest association of video game companies in Spain to kick the Indie scene into official existence.

In 2015 was awarded "Most Prominent Female" by Casual Connect in Amsterdam.

Since 2017 co-organizes the European Game Showcase in San Francisco, a non-profit project that aims to give more exposure to European Indie developers in the US.