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Enric Asunción

CEO, Wallbox

Enric Asunción

Speaker Bio

Enric Asunción (Barcelona 3rd of April 1985) is the founder and CEO of Wallbox, a company leader in the design, development and manufacturing of the most advanced charging systems for electric vehicles in the world. Wallbox aims to accelerate the change to sustainable ways of transportation through easing the charging of electric vehicles. With an

industrial engineering education in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Enric has focussed all of his career in the electric vehicle sector and, more specifically, in the electric vehicle charging market. Until his return to Barcelona in 2015, he was the Program Manager for Charging Installations at TESLA Motors in Europe (Amsterdam). His main responsibility was to ensure that the customers always had the best charging solution to charge at home and the workplace. Previous to that, he was responsible for the Electric Vehicle Charger Testing team at Applus IDIADA.