Elena Neira

Head of 5G Standards, MITRE Labs

Elena Neira

Speaker Bio

Elena Neira is Head of 5G Standards at MITRE Labs. She is responsible for technologies and strategies towards 3GPP, GSMA and other SDOs aim at demands of government sponsors and industry partners.


Elena is a recognized technology expert in the mobile communications industry and its standards, specification, and compliance groups – 3GPP, ITU, O-RAN, IETF, FCC, ARIB and GCF. Her career spans over 15 years and includes leadership, management and executive responsibilities in R&D, P&L, product design, standards development and supply-chain operations in Fortune 500 companies (Verizon, Texas Instruments, Ericsson) and in disruptive startups in the mobile communications space (Vanu Inc). Her in-depth expertise in telecom platforms, combined with her background in large-scale high-availability carrier-grade radio, core, and services, provide her a unique acumen to transform, lead and influence technology standards at-scale.


Elena holds a Dual Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an Engineer’s Degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She is an IEEE Senior Member and served in its Board of Governors as Director, and in IEEE Communications Technology News Board and Best Readings as Editor-in-Chief.