Eduard Lopez Plans

Eduard Lopez Plans

Speaker Bio

Eduard Lopez Plans is the Studio Head of IOI Barcelona, one of the three IOI studios behind the iconic Hitman games, the upcoming Project 007 and an unannounced project.

Eduard is responsible and committed to creating the best videogame studio in the south of Europe, as part of IO Interactive’s ambitious plan to become the most desirable videogame company in Europe by 2024. This success is based on making the best games, having impactful people create meaningful work on these great projects and the future of AAA gaming – as well as having a great quality of life both at the office and at home.

Eduard has a deep knowledge of game development and has experience in creating games in many different disciplines, with a background in gameplay, player feel, programming and mathematics. He has always been extremely passionate about making the best AAA games in the world and having a real impact on them. In the past, this passion lead Eduard to search for opportunities abroad, which is how he came to work at IOI Copenhagen in Denmark. Now, with IOI’s ambitious plans for expansion, Eduard is excited about working on impactful projects from Barcelona.

He likes making things fun, cool and spectacular. He wakes up every day eager to work on the next cool thing, see his co-workers and talk about how they are going to make future IOI games and the Barcelona studio even better.