David Fullagar

VP, Content Delivery, Netflix 

David Fullagar

Speaker Bio

David Fullagar is Vice President of Content Delivery at Netflix. In his role, he leads the teams responsible for the development and global deployment of Netflix Open Connect, a content delivery network (CDN) invented at Netflix. The system is custom designed to provide an excellent and high quality internet TV experience around the world. To date, Open Connect delivers annually 100B view hours of great stories on Netflix to 230M+ members and 450M+ viewers across 190 countries in 32 languages.

David is pioneering the development of content delivery systems architectures. With nearly 25 years of experience in the development of content delivery systems, David’s entrepreneurial leadership inspires the teams who innovate, improve, and invent the delivery platform, and they are leading industry standards. Before joining Netflix in 2011, David led the content delivery network development teams at Level 3, SAVVIS, and Cable & Wireless.

David holds a bachelor of science degree with honors in Theoretical Physics from the Australian National University; after completing his studies, he developed experiences internationally. David moved to Europe to work in astronomy and at an internet service provider in the Netherlands. He also worked at a startup web development company in London.