Danielle Royston

CEO & Founder, TelcoDR

Danielle Royston

Speaker Bio

Tuesday, 29 June | 09:30 - 11:00 | KEYNOTE 4: CONNECTED IMPACT

I have 25 years of enterprise software experience – the last 10+ as a CEO specializing in turnarounds. Most recently, I was CEO of Optiva, where I pivoted the company to become a leader in cloud-native BSS/OSS on the public cloud.

My vision for telcos: I believe you should move as much of your IT environment as you possibly can to the public cloud! And you should embrace 100% of the functionality the hyperscalers provide. Not build applications that are cloud-agnostic or hybrid, and certainly not deploy on private cloud (#fakecloud), but rather leverage technology that can save you 50% or more on your TCO. How else are you going to pay for your 5G network? And CSPs who embrace this transformation NOW will be the ones who come out on top. Period.

Telco execs, I will help you sort through the noise, giving you my unfiltered take on what is really happening in the telecom industry when it comes to public cloud – sharing insights every C-level at a CSP needs to know. Subscribe to my Telco in 20 newsletter, and tune into my podcast – both of which publish every two weeks.