Daan Archer

CEO & Co-Founder, Copyright Delta BV

Daan Archer

Speaker Bio

Back in the summer of 2016 Daan was asked to co-lead the Technical Working groups of the non-profit Open Music Initiative (OMI) in Boston created by Berklee College of Music, IDEO and the MIT Media Lab. There he aligned 200+ companies in the US music industry to agree on an open data exchange to solve many royalty gaps.

In addition he has 25 years experience in software development & architectures (10 years artificial intelligence & machine learning, 5 years data analytics, 5 years blockchain technologies). He also worked 5 years as a Dutch technology diplomat in Japan. Former MIT Sloan Fellow focused on system dynamics, music industry and monetization for data (sovereign) ecosystems.

Copyright Delta is building a web3 distribution, licensing and settlement layer for media rights and assets. All data sovereign and built with banking blockchain technologies. Our (funding) partners include Corda/R3, NEAR, Avalanche and multiple DJ-labels. Early sponsors are Azure, AWS and Swarm. Team consists of 15+ experts in tech, music and legal.

With great pleasure he has lived and worked in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dublin and Boston. Lifelong skateboarder.