Colin Angle

CEO, iRobot

Colin Angle

Speaker Bio

Incurably optimistic about the future of people and robotics, Colin Angle is chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and co-founder of iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT).

Under Colin’s leadership, iRobot has grown from an MIT startup to become the global leader in consumer robots, with over $1.4 billion in revenue and 1,200 employees worldwide. In 2002, iRobot established the home robot category with the creation of the award-winning Roomba robot vacuum. The company’s product line, including the Roomba and the Braava family of robot mops, made practical home robots a reality for the first time and have become the most successful consumer robots in history, with more than 35 million sold worldwide.

In iRobot’s early days, Colin and his team designed behavior-controlled rovers for NASA that led to Sojourner exploring Mars in 1997. The team won the NASA Group Achievement Award for its accomplishments, and Colin’s name is inscribed inside the case of Spirit, the Mars exploration rover on display at NASA.

Colin’s team also invented PackBot, the first battle-tested military ground robot. This led to the development of FirstLook, SUGV and Kobra, and other life-saving robots used by defense and public safety agencies worldwide. These robots have performed thousands of dangerous missions while protecting those in harm’s way, helping to dispose of explosive devices, search caves, inspect buildings after 9/11, and shut down the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

A long-time advocate for STEM education, Colin helped found National Robotics Week, an event designated by Congress in 2010 to raise awareness about robots

and their important role in shaping the future of education, industry, and the economy. Every year, hundreds of National Robotics Week events are held across the nation, bringing together engineers, scientists, students, and families to share their passion for technology and learning.

Colin’s leadership and accomplishments have been recognized with numerous professional awards. He has been named CEO of the Year by the Mass Technology Leadership Council, a Mass High Tech AllStar, one of Fortune Small Business Magazine’s Best Bosses, and New England Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Colin’s master’s thesis at MIT produced Genghis, a six-legged autonomous walking robot that is now at the Smithsonian National Air and Science Museum in Washington, D.C. He has also appeared as an industry expert in media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, Business Week, CNET, the New York Times and Newsweek, and is a member of the board of directors at Striiv Inc.

Colin holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in computer science, both from MIT.