Christoffer von Schantz

Head of Broadband & TV, DNA Oyj

Christoffer von Schantz

Speaker Bio

Christoffer is the VP of Broadband and TV business at DNA Plc (a Telenor company). Besides being the leading fixed broadband operator, DNA Plc is one of the leading MNO’ in Finland. DNA Plc is owned by Telenor Group. Christoffer has worked with the industry for 25 years in numerous key positions. At DNA Plc Christoffer was the head of strategy and M&A, prior to taking P&L responsibility for the broadband and TV business. He has been in the leading role in numerous M&A projects, the IPO of DNA in 2016, key  partnerships and several 5G, Big Data & AI and sales channel strategy projects.

Since Christoffer started at DNA, DNA’s market capitalization increased more than 300% before it was acquired by Telenor in 2019 and mobile service revenue growth was fastest in the market for 19 consecutive quarters. DNA customers consume more mobile data than any other operators’ customers in Europe and second most in the world. This is partly explained by an unlimited data business model and partly by FWA, both in very broad use since the introduction of 4G. Christoffer’s business unit launched 5G FWA services with a 100Mbit/s minimum service guarantee already in 2019, as one of the first operators in world.

Prior to DNA, Christoffer worked at Nokia for 7 years in Smartphone-, Entertainment- and External ecosystem partnering and business development roles and became a trusted advisor for the Nokia leadership team. Before Nokia, Christoffer was the VP of the consulting business at Omnitele Ltd and helped operators and companies partnering with operators around the world with e.g. their 3G business strategies, vendor selections and network and service rollouts.