Chad Robertson

Founder and CEO, Regenize

Chad Robertson

Speaker Bio

Chad Robertson is a social entrepreneur from Cape Town and currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Regenize, a company on a mission to make zero-waste services accessible, attainable and inclusive. He has a background in software development and was a student at the University of Cape Town - Graduate School of Business, where he completed his MPhil in Inclusive Innovation, focusing on the informal waste sector in South Africa.

Regenize offers three solutions focused on achieving their mission:

  1. A recycling solution, REACT, a freemium recycling collection service in low income communities that integrates informal waste collectors to perform recycling collections by providing them with uniforms, fossil-fuel-free recycling tricycles, mobile devices, access to clean recyclables and a decentralised recycling hub.
  2. A behaviour-change solution, Remali, a virtual currency and behaviour changing mobile application focused on connecting and encouraging users to live a zero waste lifestyle using gamification and incentives.
  3. A zero-waste shopping solution, Zero Waste Spaza, that partners with existing local convenience shops to make purchasing staple foods more accessible & attainable without creating packaging through digital dispensers that they install.