Cecilia Waismann

Vice President R&D, mindcet.org

Cecilia Waismann

Speaker Bio

VP at MindCET EdTech Innovation Centre bringing together learners, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation. Expert on impact of cutting-edge tech and internet culture on how the newest generations learn and relate to education.

PhD in Psychology - Institute of Psychiatry Univ of London; MSc in Social Psychology - London School of Economics and Political Science. Dedicated to research, clinic and policy aspects of the chronically mentally ill in England, Spain and Brazil, since 1997 to education from the classroom to management in Spain and Israel.

Previous work include SEF of EEC, Adalusia Health Services- Spanish Gov’t, Principal of School in Madrid, Diaspora Museum Tel Aviv, and School of Education – Tel Aviv University. Speaker in main EdTech forums. Extensive publications in mental health, education and the impact of internet culture and new technologies in learning and education.