Carlos Medeiros

Partner, Softbank Group International

Carlos Medeiros

Speaker Bio

Carlos Medeiros is a Partner at SoftBank Group International and focuses primarily on businesses that touch commercial transactions, including digital advertising, financial services, certain software verticals and marketplaces of products and services.

Previously, Carlos led the investment and research practice at VR Investments in New York. He invested in both public and private companies undergoing structural changes, primarily in the United States and Europe. He also developed the use of alternative data sets.

His prior experience includes investment banking at UBS in New York and investment research at Constellation Asset Management in Brazil.

He holds an MBA from Columbia University with an emphasis on Value Investing and an undergraduate degree from FGV in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Carlos is a board member of Inter (Bovespa: BIDI11) and SoFI (NASDAQ: SOFI).