Carlos J Bernardos

Associate Professor at UC3M & VP, 5TONIC

Carlos J Bernardos

Speaker Bio

Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos (male, h-index: 37; i10-index: 93; 4671 citations) received a Telecommunication Engineering degree in 2003, and a PhD in Telematics in 2006, both from the University Carlos III of Madrid, where he worked as a research and teaching assistant from 2003 to 2008 and, since then, has worked as an Associate Professor. He is teaching different undergraduate and master degree courses, including the Master in NFV and SDN for 5G networks. He has recently being appointed Vice-president of the 5TONIC lab, an open global environment for co-creation and innovation.

His research interests include 5G, network virtualization, cloud computing, IP mobility management, vehicular communications and experimental evaluation of mobile wireless networks. He has published over 100 scientific papers in international journals and conferences. He is an active contributor to IETF since 2005, e.g. to AUTOCONF, MEXT, NETEXT, DMM, MULTIMOB, SDNRG, NFVRG, SFC, DHC, RAW and COIN working/research groups, being co-author of more than 30 contributions, several standards, several active working group documents, has co-chaired the IETF P2PSIP WG, and currently co-chairs the IPWAVE WG and the Internet Area Directorate (INTDIR).

He has worked in several EU funded projects, being the technical manager of the FP7 MEDIEVAL and the 5GPPP 5G Exchange (5GEx) projects; the Project Coordinator of the 5GPPP 5G-TRANSFORMER project; and the Deputy Project Coordinator of the FP7 iJOIN project. He is currently the Project Coordinator of the 5GPPP 5Growth project. He also co-chaired the 5G-PPP Software Networks WG.

He lives in Madrid, Spain, with his wife and daughter, and enjoys reading, casual running, and doing photos and videos for his YouTube channel in his spare time.