Brendan Cleary

CEO, Cellusys

Brendan Cleary

Speaker Bio

For over 11 years, Brendan has helped design and implement telecoms solutions for security, roaming, and analytics. In his various roles within Cellusys from software engineering to CEO, he has come to appreciate the integral role of trust and partnership in solving the challenges networks face. 


Threats to the mobile industry are ever-changing, based on the rapid deployment of new technologies such as VoLTE, RCS and 5G combined with trends such as the explosion of IOT/M2M devices. These challenges require innovative solutions and can only be met with honest collaboration between all parties.


The recent rise in fraud and security issues threaten the trusted status that many carriers enjoy today and it is imperative that the industry secure their infrastructure to protect their subscribers from fraudulent and malicious attacks. He is passionate about building relationships and raising the level of trust between industry players--even more importantly, between telecoms providers and subscribers-- to create a more secure and trusted ecosystem.