Bikash Koley

VP & Head of Google Global Networking (GGN), Head of Technology & Strategy, Google Cloud for Telecommunications, Google

Bikash Koley

Speaker Bio

Bikash is currently the Vice President and Head of Google Global Networking (GGN) and Head of Technology and Strategy, Google Cloud for Telecommunications.

Bikash’s GGN team is responsible for design, development, build and operation of Google’s massive global network that every Google service and the Google Cloud Platform relies upon. The GGN team develops the cutting edge intent driven networking technologies that allow Google's global WAN to be zero touch, builds out some of the largest scale SDN infrastructures ever deployed (B4, Espresso), scales Google's global CDN that fuels Youtube and all other Google services and expands the reach of Google's network by building the highest capacity submarine cables and the most programmable terrestrial optical networks. This infra is also the core network that underpins all Google cloud services.

In his role as the Head of Technology and Strategy, Google Cloud for Telecom, Bikash oversees the technology, architecture and strategy to empower and enable global telecommunication providers to develop and roll out mobile edge cloud, network cloud, AI/ML driven analytics/automation and cloud-powered customer experiences.

Prior to this, Bikash was the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Juniper Networks. In this role, Bikash charted Juniper’s technology strategy and led the execution of the company’s critical technology innovations. Specifically, Bikash was responsible for Juniper’s telco cloud and virtualization, multicloud enterprise datacenter and software defined enterprise networking products and technologies.

Prior to Juniper, Bikash spent close to ten years at Google, where he was a Distinguished Engineer and the Head of Network Architecture, Engineering and Planning.

Prior to Google, Bikash was the CTO of Qstreams Networks, a company he co-founded. He also spent several years at Ciena Corporation in various technical roles developing DWDM and Ethernet technologies.

He is an industry-leading expert on network function virtualization, intent driven networking (IDN), multicloud networking, warehouse-scale computing, and hyperscale network infrastructures.

Bikash received a BTech from IIT, India; and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Maryland at College Park, all in Electrical Engineering.