Bassel Ojjeh

CEO, LigaData

Bassel Ojjeh

Speaker Bio

Bassel is the co-founder and CEO of LigaData. LigaData provides managed data services and products tailored for mobile operators to facilitate digital transformation, achieve data - driven outcomes and optimize operator resources.

Bassel has dedicated his career to building data technologies and products that drive business performance and revenue. With several patent filings to his name, he has a track record of founding successful data start-ups as well as building large data organizations. Bassel has held senior roles at companies including Microsoft, Yahoo! and nPario. His companies have been pioneers in the field of Big Data and behavioral targeting.

He co-founded LigaData in 2014, with the aim of helping enterprises to extract the value intrinsic to their data — at both a technical and a business level. Bassel also co-founded the first English-taught university in Syria 14 years ago. The university has survived against all odds during the conflict, and continues to teach and graduate students.