Barak Berkowitz

Founder and CEO, MarketCentrix

Barak  Berkowitz

Speaker Bio

Barak has spent his career as a leader in the use of technology to solve human problems.  He is currently researching how Federated Learning could unlock the knowledge hidden in failed drug trial data.

Barak is the founder of MarketCentrix, a consumer strategy consultancy for tech companies.  Barak consults with start-ups, VCs, and large companies and serves as a board member or advisor to start-ups.  

Most recently, Barak was the Director of Operation and Strategy at the MIT Media Lab.  Before the Media Lab, Barak was CEO of Evi, the virtual personal assistant acquired by Amazon, and is now the intelligence in Amazon Alexa.  Over his 30 years + in consumer technology, Barak established a broad range of businesses. 

He was the founder or senior executive in many start-ups, including Wolfram Alpha, Six Apart, OmniSky, The Go Network, and Logitech.  Before Logitech, Barak spent over nine years at Apple USA and Apple Japan in several roles leading consumer marketing, and he was the founding manager of Macy's Computer Stores.

Barak got involved in technology as an operational manager at the New York Public Interest Research Group.

Starting in the late 1970s, Barak perceived how personal technologies could connect individuals and organizations, putting the power of computers and networks in everyone's hands. 

He has dedicated his career to making that a reality.