Aron Kapshitzer

CEO and Founder, AK-Geneva Inc

Aron Kapshitzer

Speaker Bio

I am Aron KAPSHITZER I’m the CEO of AK Geneva Inc. I’m 48 years old, born in Rome and Swiss Grown, self-taught industrial designer and entrepreneur, living the life of a digital nomad (presently living in Portugal). Started to work in the early 90’s in the field of transportation design and from 1999 dedicated most of my work to the Swiss watch industry. Founded 3 Watch brands and several companies.

AK Geneva Inc. / IC-Time division work as design studio and as an R&D unit for companies innovating in the area of IOT and connected devices mostly wearables, home appliances, transportation… We help brands to embrace change, take control of their evolution and be part of the global evolution.

We have also a high end innovative Watch brand, AK Genève based in Switzerland. This brand is producing the worlds first fully integrated hybrid watch mechanism.

Due to my experience and practice I’m also a Dassault Systemes Ambassador (Advocate) for the 3D Experience platform, helping the startups, small and mid-size industries or multinational corporations to liberate their innovation. Speaker and industry expert.