Antonio Guzmán Sacristán

Digital Home Director, Telefónica SA, Telefónica

Antonio Guzmán  Sacristán

Speaker Bio

As part of Telefonica’s Global Consumer Team, Antonio Guzmán is responsible for the global’s consumer products in the area of digital home and the usage of virtual assistants as key factor in the relationship model with the customer, both built on top of company’s strong privacy framework. In 2013, Antonio led the innovation team in ElevenPaths where several solutions were developed in order to provide the customer the final power of choice about their privacy and way the consumption of the their services must happen. In 2016, pioneering the first approach of Telefonica to cognitive technology leading first the innovation for 4th Plaftform and Aura projects, and in 2018, being responsible for the product leadership for Aura and its instantiation in the first Smart Device with screen made in-home by Telefonica, the Movistar Home device. In 2019, Antonio was the responsible to extend the relevance of the Telefonica’s digital home, by opening the home ecosystem to third parties with the Living Apps, a digital services platform for the digital home. Today, is also responsible of giving the customer an smart control over the connectivity at home through the smartWIFI app and by leading the Home as a Computer project, which provides an hyperconnection capabilities to the home ecosystem and the digital services built-in it.