André Foster


André Foster

Speaker Bio

André Foster has over twenty years of experience in the Information and Technology field with a solid technical background and wide experience working on complex networks, IT systems integrations, and supporting business transformation in the Caribbean.

He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) on March 1, 2021. He previously served as Head of Operations, with a focus on aligning the organization to the organization’s global model for Customer Experience (CX) and Technology and Innovation (T&I).  In his role at BTC, Mr. Foster has begun the transformative process of aligning BTC within the matrix operating model of the parent (LG/CWC), inclusive of; intimate collaboration with center leadership to establish standardization for Mobile and Fixed Access Networks, IT Systems and Back Office Technologies; driven the IT agenda of system migration to the centralized Curacao Datacenter; driven consolidation efforts of Contact Center/Call Center PBX to the hosted group solution (HCS) served by all markets in Curacao. Restructuring of Service Delivery and Outside Plant to be more efficient and better aligned in delivering services efficiently.

Prior to BTC, Mr. Foster held various executive management roles including; VP of IT for C&W Communications with a focus on development and execution of IT Transformation initiatives post-merger of CWC and Columbus Communications.  His responsibilities included centralization of IT operations, enterprise systems, IT Networks, and Data Centers and ensuring availability, functionality and efficiency of the centralized IT Platforms supporting the Caribbean markets; Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Columbus Communications with responsibility for Columbus’ Corporate IT systems, B2B Infrastructure development, Datacenter and virtualization initiatives as well as supporting the core IP Service Provider and Access Networks across its’ Caribbean Operations;  SVP of IT with Cable Bahamas Ltd. (CBL), starting with the company in 1998,  and subsequently becoming the company’s first Bahamian Vice President in 2001, and holding this role until divesture of CBL from Columbus in 2009.  Under his leadership, CBL entered the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market as The Bahamas’ first Broadband ISP, and growing the company’s ISP services from ‘entrant’ to ‘dominant’.

Mr. Foster, born and raised in the Bahamas, holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Studies from Florida State University, as well as having achieved several industry certifications with Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, and Extreme Networks throughout his career.