Ana Isabel Calvo

Director and Partner, EDT & Partners

Ana Isabel Calvo

Speaker Bio

With over +22 years of experience in Ed-tech, she has dedicated her career to exploring the link between  best learning practices, innovation, business and sustainability.

She has worked as Head of Digital K12 curriculum Product  for SPAIN and 19 countries,  large experience in Open Innovation and Scale programs for Startups. She is creating innovative and competencies programs; researching on educational innovation for international companies and advisory as consultant. She has worked with leaders in all these challengers as Santillana,Barrabes Consulting, GLG, INTEF, Telefónica Educación Digital, Profuturo, VIU, CTIF, Grupo SM, etc

Currently working as Director and Partner  EDT & Partners, with an extraordinary international team (located in 14 countries) working to bring about fast, impactful change in education through our insights, network, global perspective, reach, and innovative viewpoints.  She is working between Madrid and The Hague, both cities hold a special place in her heart.