Amrit Heer

Head of Business of Europe & Middle East, Parallel Wireless

Amrit Heer

Speaker Bio

As Head of Business for Europe and Middle East at Parallel Wireless, Amrit Heer is engaged with major Mobile Network Operators at the CxO level to increase profitability and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing next generation wireless solutions. 

Amrit Heer as COO of Unifone worked from the concept of mobile broadband network and frequency allocation, to network vendor selector and first launch of LTE in March 2015. He was initially involved in gaining investment from both international and Nigerian PE for this venture, then developing the shareholder agreement between the parties for the investment schedule. Amrit Heer developed the business case for the oil and gas sector in Nigeria as a pilot prior to nationwide LTE deployment.

Amrit Heer joined Ericsson in January 2010 after working as part of the M&A team for the acquisition of the Nortel Network international business, Amrit then joined as the Global Sales Leader for LTE migration for the international markets. Amrit Heer also worked on maximizing the assets of 450MHz frequency in the global market for security, M2M as well as mobile broadband for underserved areas. He was part of the pioneering team that launched the world’s first 1xEV DO network at 450MHz in the Czech Republic.

Prior to this Amrit Heer was the Head of Sales for wireline VOIP solutions within Nortel. In 1997 the network team under his supervision successfully deployed the first Call Server providing end-to-end VOIP solutions in Europe. Amrit drove the development of reliability for VOIP solutions to provide a feasible alternative to circuit switched solutions. In 1995 Amrit Heer introduced a nationwide wireline service for Maxis in Malaysia, gaining the highest achievement in Nortel, the President’s Award.

Amrit completed Financial Management Studies at London Business School in 2012. Amrit Heer graduate from Aston University with a Master of Science in Telecommunications and Technology in 1987. He is one of the founding members of the 450MHz alliance group.