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Wed, 1 Mar: 11:00 - 12:00 CET


MWC Stage C, Hall 6



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GSMA is committed to representing the worldwide mobile communications industry.  As part of the D4T programme, we are delighted to announce a new Young Leaders Focus Session on 1st March 2023 at MWC Barcelona. Co-hosted with Brunswick, we are launching an opportunity to bring young people into the conversation about the future of our industry, and provide a platform for their talent, ideas and enthusiasm.
Who Will Attend
This new spotlight session is an exciting new addition to MWC23 D4T programme. The telecommunications sector offers the perfect opportunity to support youth empowerment, bring young people together and foster youth participation in decision-making.  Join us to start an important dialogue and find out ways to better include their voice in your organisation.
The Young Leaders Focus Session is designed for both senior team leaders and emerging young talented members of the telecoms and wider mobile/technology ecosystem.  
It has been designed so that young leaders and students from across the globe can have their voice heard and work on how to take the opportunities in this sector and ultimately to step into the role of a global leader.  Young leaders will be balanced with a multigenerational audience to share and learn from each other and interact with subject-matter experts, study the art of cross-cultural communication and be empowered to fully realize youth’s true potential at MWC2023 in Barcelcona
11.00 Welcome and Opening
Ihita Gangavarapu, Board Member, Generation Connect Visionaries, Co-Founder of Youth IGF India
Ariel de Fauconberg, Ambassador, One Young World
11.05 Opening Young Leaders Keynote: A 360 Vision: Listening and Acting upon the Powerful Voice of Young Leaders in the Workplace
COVID-19 gave us many challenges, but equally, the opportunity for great positive change. Now is the chance to give a youth-led recovery, to give youth a voice and enable them to have an active role in shaping the response to global challenges. What are the main ways we can give young people the voice to change our world?
Building a robust technical and practical framework which enables inclusive civic and political platforms
Changing the way business perceives decision-making at an intergenerational level
Resetting perceptions from within businesses
A bold new future build and shaped from young voices, opinions, ideas and passions
Lara Dewar, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA
11:15 2023 Survey Findings: A Call to Connect The ‘Young Voice’:  What Matters to the Young Leaders Across the Telecoms and Mobile Industry 
To help your company and this industry grow effectively, we need to surround ourselves with people who have a bold future vision. Generation Z offer fresh ideas and inspirational values which need to be heard and included in a strong foundation for future policies which champion inclusion, equality and sustainability plus business innovation and growth. 
Presentation of new research findings by Brunswick
The mission and goals: Why we are putting young people at the front and centre of organisational engagement and planning for the future
Key findings from the survey
Which company best practices, policies and DE&I practices can benefit from the lessons and ideas included
Chris Blundell, Global Head of Telecoms, Media & Technology, Brunswick Group
Are Current Leaders Maximising Youth Participation and Young Entrepreneurial Spirit towards Empowered Corporate Growth? 
The importance of equitable growth is clear and many organisations are already advanced in their journey.  In this we have both young leaders and the most senior of industry executives to debate, discuss and challenge the issues of most pressing importance to young people today.  from innovation and progress, to sustainability and climate, recruitment, promotion, to social inclusion, diversity and equality.  
How did you get where you are today!? Would you take the same route and approaches? 
How did you overcome the set-backs and barriers?
Do you have a secret ‘dream career’ before this one? Who would your fantasy mentor be?
Which qualities do you look for in new, young graduates and young leaders:  What do they offer your organisation?
Have you set up a communications process for young leaders to be heard and their voice and suggestions acted upon
What are your tips for career success vs work: life balance happiness?
What do you wish young people understood better about senior leadership and corporate life?
Allison Kirkby, President & CEO, Telia Company
• Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Media O2
• Connie Man Hei SIU, ITU Asia-Pacific Youth Envoy, International Telecommunication Union
• Bechara Kaddoum, Head of Cybersecurity Services for Telco – EMEA & APAC, Telefónica, S.A.
11.55 Youth Spotlight: Young Leaders Audience Q&A
Take away the key ways in which you can better support, engage and incorporate the views of your young people into business decision-making, innovation and growth. 
Ihita Gangavarapu, Board Member, Generation Connect Visionaries, Co-Founder of Youth IGF India
Ariel de Fauconberg, Ambassador, One Young World
12.00 Summing Up and End

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