XR, AI & 5G for a New Immersive Experience


Wed, 1 Mar: 13:15 - 14:15 CET


MWC Stage C, Hall 6



Session Description

Science fiction movies like Ready Player One and The Matrix have already demonstrated the immense potential of immersive technology that merges the physical and virtual world. More recently, with the breakthroughs in AR and VR combine with the global deployment of 5G, immersive technology represents the next frontier in our lives, from automotive, sports to work and more.

Now the big question is, what’s next? What’s our way of work, play and interact with the digital universe? How Innovations including AR, AI and etc., are being at the forefront?  Will 5G empowered holographic communication realize its future? What does the future holds for cross-industries partnerships?  What will be the evolution in verticals of sports, automotive and more?  What is  Let’s see how these revolutionary technologies will offer us the best immersion ever!


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