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Tue, 28 Feb: 10:20 - 13:20 CET



Upper Walkway – Hall 4, Upper Walkway

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What’s Hot at MWC Tour


An Insider’s view of MWC
Mobile has been at the forefront of innovation for over three decades. From the Nokia 3210 to the Tesla Model Y, we continue to build upon our revolutionary successes – evolving technology and looking forward to a future that early tech pioneers could never have dreamed of.


As well as innovation in technology, the connectivity industry offers the world new opportunities, new revenue streams, new landscapes and even new vocabulary. Welcome to the hyperconnected and hyperreality world!



Are you one of these innovators and disruptors bringing a new product or service to the show that will evolve your clients’ businesses and push the industry forward to new heights?


Be a part of the technological shift at MWC Barcelona 2023 and tell the industry’s budding experts about it by being a stop on the What’s Hot tour!


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