Welcome to SimpliCity: One Place for Many a Metaverse


Mon, 28 Feb: 11:45 - 12:45 CET


MyMWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

The world is changing faster than ever, throwing a challenge of complexity upon us. Technology today is integral to the way we live and work. 5G-powered connectivity, intelligent devices, and immersive content promise to blur the boundaries between the physical and digital world. Consumers and Creators will rapidly evolve into 360-degree immersive digital experiences engineered to simplify our daily experiences. We are delighted to be at MWC 2022 and showcase ‘Welcome To Simplicity’. Join us to know how we are leveraging next-generation technologies powered by the network, engineering, and experience capabilities, for our customers.

In times to come, decoding the metaverse universe in a 5G-dominated world would become a priority for the CSPs to stay ahead of the curve. CSPs can make use of this golden opportunity by efficiently utilizing 5G to offer a novel platform-based service offering. At Tech Mahindra, we have made it our prime focus to build foundational capabilities that will power CSPs' growth objectives across creators' and consumers' journeys.

In this session, Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group's Chairman and C.P. Gurnani, Tech Mahindra's CEO, will unveil a virtual city to demonstrate the what and how of Web 3.0 platforms powered through next-gen networks, digital engineering, and experiences for both consumers and creators. Manish Vyas, President, CME, and CEO, Network Services, Abhishek Shankar, President, CME-Americas, and Manish Mangal, Business Unit Head, will interview industry leaders on the trends shaping the communication industry and opportunities available with the CSPs in the emerging metaverse.

Welcome to Simplicity. Let’s meet there next and take our talks ahead.

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