VIRTUAL AI for Telecoms: is Automation only about Technology?


Tuesday, 29 June: 12:00 - 12:30 CET


The Studio, Hall 3



Session Description

AI in telecoms is not new. Many examples are available to demonstrate how AI applications are already helping operators optimize some of their network operations and enhance customer support. By 2025, one third of MNOs will have automated 80% of their networks, with the primary objective of driving new revenue for 64% of those, according to GSMA Intelligence’s Network Transformation 2020 survey. But today, Covid-19 is accelerating the need for seamless connectivity, and with new enterprise requirements for performance, agility and latency, along with the ongoing quest to drive growth in a crowded competitive space, moving to fully automated, AI-driven operations beyond only infrastructure have become a priority for the telecoms industry. This conference will gather experts from the ecosystem to discuss the role of AI- and ML- based network automation, how to cut through the complexity to address new industry requirements whilst delivering value-added services, and where the opportunities lie for operators on their journeys to becoming digital service providers.

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