Unleash Sustainable Digital Ecosystems


Tue, 1 Mar: 12:45 - 13:30 CET


The MWC Broadcast Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

Communications service providers (CSPs) are pinning their hopes for future revenue by investing in their stand-alone connectivity businesses and Open-APIs that can deliver a new microservices enabled digital multi-experience with a Pre-Integrated Partner Ecosystem. 
This Digital Ecosystem unlocks B2B2B/C/X business models that are critical for SA 5G monetization by leveraging 5G, IoT, edge computing AI and other emerging technologies. 
1. Ecosystem Monetization: How to build Ecosystems of the Future
Thinking beyond specific verticals, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are uniquely positioned to facilitate digital ecosystems on a national and hyper local scale, allowing them to provide new services to boost top line revenue growth through strategies of collaboration, co-opetition and symbiosis within the ecosystem. 
a. What it takes to become an ecosystem service provider 
b. Harnessing the Power of Data in a digital ecosystem for CSP lead revenue monetization 
c. How of Omnichannel B2B2X Monetisation 
2. Recharge the Future with 5G Digital Online Charging
Many CSPs have started moving from prepaid online charging capability towards convergent charging system which has been driven by the need to offer and charge complex digital bundles for 5G & IoT. Network slicing is another key 5G capability that will revolutionize the way CSP provide products and charging for the services. 
IoT brings the new challenge of managing charging capabilities across multiple verticals such as healthcare, education, government as well as many B2B2X use cases with large and complex requirements. To capitalize on new opportunities, service providers will need to provide a next generation solution that can scale, operate in real-time and provide flexible & seamless pricing models. 
a. Are CSPs ready to cater for these services? Find out what it takes to build future-ready next generation Digital Charging and be prepared to support new ecosystems that require the rapid launch, scaling and monetization of new digital services. 
b. What charging capabilities do CSPs need to enable products and services for consumer and enterprise segments? 
c. What product changes do CSPs envisage to happen for IoT and digital services that will significantly impact the charging and billing systems? 
d. How will charging systems scale for the IoT and 5G volumes? How will you manage different charging requirements across multiple verticals/industries?

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