Transforming Health


Wed, 2 Mar: 14:15 - 16:15 CET



Agora Stage, Hall 6 - 4YFN



Session Description

Join us for a series of talks discussing the digital transformation of healthcare:

14h15-14h45 | The Hospital of the Future (keynote address)

The role and organisation of hospitals are changing. To support the health sector’s digital transformation, new models and technologies are penetrating the walls of the hospital. Find out what the hospital of the future will look like in this opening keynote address. 

14h45-15h15 | Supporting the Digital Patient (Keynote Address)

An overview of the current global digital health landscape, including key statistics for health apps and mobile healthcare, the main barriers to using and adopting digital health tools, regulations in the digital health space, and how assessment and accreditation processes can help to overcome some of the challenges faced by cutting through the noise


15h15-15h45 | The future of Personalized Health and Supercomputing


Computing capacities have increased exponentially these last years. This has led in the medical field to breakthrough discoveries opening a series of new opportunities for innovative treatments and services to patients.


15h45-16h15 | A New Era of Personalized Treatment, Neurotwin: Meet the Digital Copy 

The successful implementation of deeptech could propel a big step forward in the treatment of neurological diseases. "Digital twins" is a term used in industry to describe the development of almost exact replicas of different products for monitoring purposes and add-ons testing. In this presentation we will introduce the concept of personalised hybrid brain models. Using neuroimaging data to build a model that recapitulates the networks and the dynamical landscape of the individual brain. "

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