The Shareholders' Agreement Between Entrepreneurs, The Great Forgotten One


Thursday, 01 July: 11:00 - 12:00


Workshop Room, Hall 2



Session Description

All entrepreneurs encounter different situations at some point in the life of the start-up that were not thought of at the time of "giving birth" to the idea.

- What happens if one of the partners wants to abandon the project?
- What happens if an investor has to come in?
- How much money would you be willing to sell the project for?

It is common that this desire to create makes you overlook one of the most important documents for your project or start-up: the shareholders' agreement. The drafting of a shareholders' agreement is necessary for the development of any business project, with or without external investment.

Whether at the time of incorporation, to regulate the relationship between the partners or when the time comes to increase your capital through an investment fund, a business angel or any other form of investment, it is necessary to be governed by the shareholders' agreement.

In most cases, having or not having a shareholders' agreement can mean the difference between the survival or failure of your project. For this reason, Paula Ortega, head of the Corporate Department, and Alejandro Palomera, junior in OBN&'s Legal Department, will explain the key moments when a shareholders' agreement must be made.

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