The Metaverse


Wed, 1 Mar: 11:45 - 13:40 CET



Sky Room – Discovery Area, Hall 8.1



Session Description

The metaverse was born in the minds of science-fiction writers and the first chapter has already begun! While we are still in the early stage of metaverse, it has already gained tremendous tractions from corporates and investors during the past years and we're seeing some fascinating use cases and applications from augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D social media platforms, blockchain-based marketplaces and etc., So what’s more can we expect?


Put on your futuristic goggles and experience the next generation digital universe empowered by the digital advancements of XR, AI and 5G. Explore how the metaverse redefines the future of the world, humans and work?  How businesses and technology development evolve their strategies around the metaverse? Most importantly how we create the conditions for the investment, innovation and user adoptions that will truly make the metaverse a reality?



11.45- 12.00

Presentation – Rise of the “Open” Metaverse


  • Alvin Wang Graylin, Global VP of Business Deveopment, HTC

12.00- 12.15

Fireside Chat – The Telco Play for A New Customer Experience: Home, Web 3 and Beyond


  • Astha Bhardwaj, Managing Director, Communications & Media Industry, Accenture
  • Danny Theseira, Head of Broadband Business, Globe  

12:15- 12.45

Fireside Chat – Open and Inclusive Metaverse Ecosystem


  • Moderator: Ivo Lukas, CEO/Founder, 24Notion, Angel Investor
  • Bruce Bateman, Founder and CEO, Bateman Research
  • Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce

12.45- 13.15

Panel Discussion - Investors’ Insights: Is Metaverse Still Investable?


  • Moderator: Andrey Lunev, Venture Partner XR, Startup Wise Guys
  • Tilo Bonow, CEO & Founder, PIABO
  • Irene Gómez Luque, Open Innovation Director, Telefonica Group
  • Beverly Rider, CEO, Tonomus Venture Studio

13.15- 13.40

Panel Discussion- Bring Web 3 Down to Earth


  • Moderator: Carlos Ruisánchez , Head of Scouting & Dealflow, Wayra
  • Carlos Bort, Co-Founder & CEO, Cenit Finance
  • Mar Pujadas , Head of Strategy & Growth, Crossmint
  • Marc Cercós, Co- Founder & CEO, Champion Games
  • Mario Brassesco, Head of Strategy and M&A, Bit2Me            


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