The F-word of Metaverse: Future, Fad or Fraud?


Tue, 28 Feb: 13:30 - 14:15 CET


MWC Stage C, Hall 6



Session Description

The metaverse, a new “magic” word that is casting a spell in the world of technology and investment. With the term being overused while it’s concept has yet to be defined, the metaverse technology and development is only in the infancy surrounded by hype, confusion, doubts and excitement. Is it just about virtual avatars roaming around in VR gaming? Is it just about cryptocurrency and NFT?  Is metaverse really the future? Or will this be another “dystopian nightmare”?  Is a fully digital life possible, or even desirable? How to bring the metaverse we all envision to life?

Let’s reveal what the future that metaverse is showing us- the good, bad, and ugly. Discover how it re-define the future of world, human and business, how to prevent the metaverse dystopian and bring the digital utopia back to reality.

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