Tech for Climate Resilience


Wednesday, 30 June: 12:00 - 13:00 CEST


Ministerial Programme - CC4.1, Hall Upper Walkway



Session Description

We are already witnessing the devastating impacts of the global climate crisis: more frequent extreme weather events, less predictable weather patterns, and increased stress on food systems. While no country is immune to the effects of our changing climate, it is the world’s poorest and those least responsible for environmental damage who continue to suffer the most, whether through displacement, living with more frequent and severe disasters, lack of food, or scarcity of resources.


In low- and middle-income countries, communities are under enormous pressure to adapt and build their resilience to climate change. The increasing volatility of weather patterns poses particular challenges to rural communities, who supply food to 70% of the world’s population and typically lack the resources to respond effectively to production challenges.


Digital technology, when adopted through enabling policies and strong cross-sector partnerships, will play a crucial role in creating a low-carbon and climate-resilient future. It will do so by building the capacity of societies, natural systems ad food systems to cope with and recover from climate-related hazards, trends or disasters. 


In an interactive session, including presentations and Q&A with the audience, we will discuss examples of digital innovations and the importance of enabling policies to:

- Provide vital assistance that helps vulnerable communities to prepare for and respond to disasters;


- Advance rural communities’ resilience to the impacts of climate change improving their livelihoods;


- Enable individuals to ‘build back better’.


This hybrid session will take place in the Ministerial Stage and is available to all Ministerial Programme attendees. The session will also be live streamed via MyMWC. Please note that the GSMA Ministerial Programme is an invitation-only event. Find out more.

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