Taiwan's Best Practices in Smart City


Wednesday, 30 June: 11:45 - 12:45


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

Taiwan has been enabling Smart City technologies and solutions for many years. Throughout this journey, the central government such as Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs also devoted policies and projects to support the industry as well as local governments.
Until now, Taiwan has implemented 223 projects in areas such as governance, transportation, agriculture, healthcare and more. In this virtual program, 6 solution providers from Taiwan are going to share their first-hand insights in using technology to address various issues, and to illustrate some of Taiwan's best practices in Smart City.
In this session, you'll get a glimpse on,
1. How do we fight air pollution? 
CAMEO: Provider of AI analysis platform & tech consultancy to help governments fight air pollution
2. How do we achieve better surveillance to patrol large industrial sites? 
CIRC: Provider of integrating robotic technologies with AI and IoT to enable innovative, automated robotic solutions
3. How do we curb traffic congestion?
TIDC: Provider with core competence of integrated smart parking management to fulfill local market solution requirements
4. How do we ensure livelihoods of fish farms? 
Quadlink: Enabler of intelligent aquaculture solutions to cultivate better food and environment
5. How do we use AIoT to grow all-seasonal fruits? 
U-Sync: Provider of digital twin with HI and AI technology to facilitate farm digitalization and transformation 
6. How do we provide efficient remote patient monitoring? 
Advmeds: Health IT expert to embody how the future of hospital is no longer confined inside the walls

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