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Stepping into a New IoT Generation: Sophistication in Strategy, Management, and Forward Thinking

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Tuesday, 29 June: 09:30 - 12:00


Auditorium A, Hall 3

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Session Description

The last decade of IoT was one of discovery and innovation, but utilisation wasn’t what technology leaders had envisioned. Costs, a diverse ecosystem, and limitations in connectivity prohibited widespread adoption. Now, with many pieces of the puzzle firmly in place, IoT is positioned to become the next industry and consumer technological standard, but it requires sophisticated tools and strategy to best optimise IoT-driven solutions. 
KORE experts will discuss how IoT is evolved, best practices for solutions deployment, and why preparing for the future maximises IoT frameworks of today. 
During the opening keynote, Romil Bahl, KORE President and CEO, presents “IoT Strategy, Tech, and Trends” and will discuss:
- How IoT users have become more sophisticated and, in turn, their IoT enablement needs
- The 7 key areas of strategy for IoT success
- How the latest buzz trends affect your strategy
During the IoT Tech Hub, Marco Bijvelds, KORE SVP and John Chambers, KORE VP, will present “CMP Redefined: the new age of IoTMP” and will discuss:
- Has the new generation of IoT sophistication made connectivity management platforms a thing of the past?
- Why IoT management/connectivity enablement management is the holistic approach
- Case Study: How IoT enabled drones deliver critical medical supplies to remote countries globally
Finally a full expert panel, will present the closing remarks “The Future of IoT. During this final session, KORE will discuss:
- How IoT sophistication will continue to mature and why agile partners are crucial
- How preparation and technology adoption can mitigate unforeseen business challenges, such as the pandemic’s impact on supply chains
- The significance of iSIM and AI technologies to IoT

Doors Open: 09:00

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