So, You’ve Had a Digital Transformation. Now What? With Glovo


Wed, 2 Mar: 17:00 - 18:00 CET



Theatre 1, Hall 7



Session Description

Digital transformation is all around us. Has been for the last 20, 30 years and is accelerating in speed and reach. Digital First is disrupting markets and traditional business is transforming to not be left behind.


But how do you know if your transformation has been successful and what you should do next? You can use your data to figure this out.


Digital native companies are showing how analyzing and working with behavioral data can lead to greater product innovation, improvements and better customer experience. All of which translates into growth, customer retention and increase of lifetime value.


You start optimizing.


Digital optimization provides a new depth of insights into customer behavior to understand what drives impact. It tells you how your digital product drives your business. The best companies use the insights to continually innovate and optimize their digital products to improve retention, conversion, and customer growth. Digital transformation drove the last era of technology innovation, digital optimization will drive the next.


In this Power Hour, we’ll cover the fundamental need to move beyond basic web analytics and present product analytics as a solution to power your digital business. And that's not all, you'll hear from Glovo how they use data to build the best personalized digital product experiences.
You’ll walk away with an understanding of digital optimization and web vs. product analytics, how web and product analytics complement each other, and actionable advice for using both.

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