Industry City

Smart Mobility Summit: Reach for the Impossible


Wed, 1 Mar: 16:00 - 16:45 CET


Industry City Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

Reach for the Impossible

Smart Mobility is geared towards advancing society with the latest technology options. The world seeks climate-friendly, low-to-no emission travelling, autonomous driving from the ground to the air, to provide the best user experience. Connected technologies have opened a wealth of possibilities in countless ways. Thanks to the development of Smart Mobility solutions cities are becoming more liveable, efficient and sustainable. Smart City development is gaining tremendous traction and will be the catalyst of urban evolution. Global integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into our daily lives and city infrastructure will significantly improve traffic flow, road safety, and vehicle performance while reducing pollution and power consumption. For instance, how digital twins and the metaverse will help simulate complex environments, to plan and maintain infrastructure.

This session will gather expert panellists to discuss what they envision for the next generation of Smart Mobility, its challenges, and how to become a forward-thinking player in the future landscape.

Session Speakers

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