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Smart Mobility Summit: Delivery Beyond Speed


Wed, 1 Mar: 11:45 - 12:30 CET


Industry City Lounge, Hall 4



Session Description

Delivery Beyond Speed

Next-generation cellular network and wireless technology is already playing an integral part in the burgeoning logistics industry. People expect faster, more accurate and transparent same-day delivery services. Hence, a first-rate digital fleet and inventory management which allows urgent and time-sensitive data exchange is crucial for every logistic company to succeed in today’s fast-paced climate.

In this session industry leaders will share practical experiences and creative ideas on how the use of big data and advanced mobile technology can strategically position your business to stand out amongst your competitors to provide the winning edge.

Mark Thirman, Global Connected Edge Strategy, IBM Consulting

Panel discussion speakers:
Dr Gopi Kurup, CEO, Axiata Enterprise
Taherah Kuhl, Vice President Global Business Services – Logistics & Financial Services, Dassault Systemes
Alan Hicks, CTO, Manna Drone Delivery
Gianluca Redolfi, CCO, Sateliot
Nicolas Lesconnec, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Soracom

Session Speakers

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