Session 1: Transforming the Workplace; Driving Value and Purpose through Diversity


Mon, 28 Feb: 09:30 - 10:30 CET


MWC Stage B, Hall 5



Session Description

 Session 1: Transforming the workplace; Driving value and purpose through diversity

 Inclusive organisations promote the benefits of diverse talent as key to driving positive change

Harnessing the transformative value that comes from integrating diverse capabilities, creativity and skills builds an inclusive organisational culture that embraces change as a powerful asset to competitive advantage. In the context of unprecedented change organisations and individuals are required to continually adapt and pivot at a pace that matches the change around us. Breaking through the post pandemic environment inspires industry wide action in support of D&I across businesses, and in the workplace, redefining the future of diverse talent our organisations need to thrive

Together we are unlocking value and embracing continuous change.


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