Security Summit: Reviewing the 2022 Mobile Security Landscape


Tue, 1 Mar: 12:45 - 13:30 CET



Industry City Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

The mobile industry’s security landscape is constantly evolving, as new mobile technologies and services are deployed and new threat vectors created. To address these security risks the mobile industry proactivity monitors and seeks out threats to mobile networks, services and devices, and the industry works together to mitigate these risks. At MWC Barcelona, the GSMA will launch the 2022 edition of the mobile industry’s Security Landscape Report. In this session, we will review the key security topics contained in the report, explaining their impact on mobile networks and describing how the industry is working to mitigate these risks. A panel of experts will:
Provide an overview of the key security threats that target mobile networks, services and devices.
Explain how these threats relate to the ecosystem of organisations that increasingly rely on mobile networks such as industrial, automotive, utilities, smart city and others. 
Offer guidance to how the ecosystem works together to build resilience within mobile networks, services and devices to tackle the latest threats.

Session Speakers

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