Security Summit: 5G Security Revolution


Tue, 1 Mar: 10:15 - 11:05 CET



Industry City Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

5G networks will be fundamental to our future connected world and the security of these networks, and the services they will deliver, will be paramount. Securing 5G networks will require new approaches, leveraging the latest security tools and techniques. This security revolution anticipates the step-change in technologies making up 5G networks, but also respond to the innovative use-cases that 5G networks will enable across a wide spectrum of different industries and the security requirements needed to fulfil these use cases.
In this session global security experts will take to the stage to share their insights on how 5G will enable our future connected world, discuss new ways to overcome the key challenges of securing 5G services and talk about how the industry will ensure 5G lives up to society’s security expectations.

Session Speakers

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