Secure by Design


Wed, 2 Mar: 14:30 - 15:15 CET


The MWC Broadcast Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

As companies churn out a myriad of interconnected devices and services, and the world of IoT grows exponentially, there is a real concern of how secure these devices and services are and what vulnerabilities they bring to the networks they are connected to. In this context it is clear that security can no longer be considered a singular task or reactive action to being hacked and security-by-design needs to be built into the foundations. The European Commission realised this and in October 2021 announced new rules requiring device manufacturers to embed tougher cyber security measures when designing new wireless devices. We will take a look at what companies and manufactures of IoT will have to do over the next two years to meet and comply with these new legal requirements and what the consequences could be if they fail.

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